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Tim Hutchinson is originally from Pensacola, Florida and currently resides in and calls the Tampa Bay area home.

He is a gifted singer and song-writer who is bringing a fresh, new sound to both the Country and Christian music genre.  Tim plays the guitar and has a deep, pure country voice with a southern twang.

Most of the lyrics to Tim’s debut album “Lookin’ At You,” came to him during his private worship time.  Through the words of these songs, you’ll find no matter what

life might bring, as long as you keep “Lookin at God,” he’ll get you through.  Tim’s hope is that you find these songs inspiring, uplifting and encouraging.Some of Nashville’s finest musicians are featured on this production, the first in a line of many more to come!

Take a look around the website, listen to a few sample songs and order a cd for yourself or you can download individual songs at iTunes.


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